Effective Interview Phrases and Points

It is normal to feel anxious about going to a formal job interview, but with some proper planning, you can successfully sell yourself as the best option for the position.

There are industry-accepted terms that, when used, allow you to stand out from your counterparts and to expound on your experience, talents, and personality. Generally, using ambitious and uplifting phrases will help you feel composed and confident during an interview.

These phrases include:

I can and I will

Using sentences like “I can contribute…” and “I will provide…” demonstrates your confidence in your abilities to contribute to a firm. The term “will” connotes ability and conviction. It demonstrates that you have given the matter some consideration and have come prepared to offer your skills and insights.


You may show how you can be a versatile and valuable addition to a team by showcasing your ability to work with different individuals in various situations and adjust to changes in projects, deadlines, and scope. You can describe a time when you adjusted to a change in the situation and what you learned about yourself as a result of being adaptable.

I really anticipate

When you appear for an interview, you should reply with something like, “I look forward to the chance to discuss what I can add to your firm.” It gives off a cheerful quality, demonstrating your self-assurance and eagerness to work. You may then use it to describe features of the job you would love doing or your working style during your interview.


Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the business, you might highlight to the interviewer certain facets of its operations, policies, diversity, or initiatives that you like. By demonstrating your respect, you may provide details that can open up a deeper discussion on those subjects while also demonstrating that you have done your study on the company. You might also talk about your mentors or role models and the traits you like in them.


Though it should highlight your work history, a resume is often a condensed list of the many jobs you have completed over the course of your career. In an interview, it’s a good idea to clarify your responsibilities, assignments, or deliverables from your previous work; you may also stress the duration of the assignment to assist the interviewer grasp specifics better. By using the word “experience,” you will come out as informed and competent.


It may be useful to demonstrate how the potential position can assist you in achieving your professional objectives. Talk about how your experience has aided in the formulation of your goals and why you think the potential position will help you accomplish them.

These phrases are used all the time, but their importance is often overlooked. When used in a deliberate manner, they present you as a better candidate for a job.

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