On and Off Campus Housing: Things We Often Overlook

Several things must be taken into consideration when choosing whether to stay on or off campus. Knowing where you will spend most of your time can help with the decision of accommodation. We’ve broken down some things people often overlook.


Living near necessary services and retail outlets is more significant than worrying about how far you are from school. You’ll need to be near food stores, pharmacies, and shops as you’ll be living away from school most of the time. If you find yourself scouting for an off-campus apartment, in addition to getting a place your roommates can agree with, the amount of rent they want to pay, and where the off-campus home is, access to necessary resources are also important factors to consider.

On-campus housing

When attending college, if you want to spend most of your time on campus, you may want to look into on-campus accommodation that is close to your faculty. This will not only cut down on the amount of time you spend getting to and from campus, but it will also keep you near to the crucial amenities that are available there. It is important to use the resources provided by the institution.

  • Shop on campus: Numerous college campuses offer pharmacies, bookstores, computer shops, dry cleaners, and post offices. Use the services on campus as you will already be there rather than looking for them off campus. You’ll spend less time and effort searching for resources near off-campus accommodation as a result.
  • Purchase a food plan: If you want to live on campus full-time. Taking advantage of campus meal plans will reduce the number of grocery trips you will have to make and eliminate the stress required to prepare meals.
  • Work on campus: There are several options to work on campus if you’re seeking a part-time career. You may be able to find employment at the on-campus shops or a work-study job with the institution.

Several criteria, including the ones listed below, will determine whether you should spend most of your time off campus:

  • If you are enrolled in many online courses that don’t need you to be present on campus
  • If you just need to attend classes for a small portion of the week
  • If you would rather study at home than at a library
  • If you want to study at home for most of the weekend
  • If you want to leave the classroom during a break

The amount of time a student spends on or off campus greatly impacts their choice of off-campus accommodation. Therefore, students should carefully consider where they want to spend most of their time throughout the university, in addition to other aspects that contribute to their choice to live off campus.

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