Advice For Making a Lasting Impression During an Interview: Part One

We always have to be on our best behavior during interviews. Even with good intentions, some things we overlook can end up costing us the position. Here are some tips you should consider if you want to ace your interview.

  • Before the interview, turn off your mobile device: First off, the worst possible distraction for both you and the interviewer might be for your mobile phone to ring out. The fact that you didn’t turn it off in the first place can be seen as you not caring enough to do so.
  • Arrive on time for your job interview: Employers know that if a candidate can’t be on time for a job interview, they can’t rely on them to do so for their job.
  • Even if you believe that you don’t need to prepare, do it nonetheless: You cannot use the fact that you prepared for prior interviews as an excuse for not doing so for the one you will attend next.
  • Prepare your chosen clothing the day before: You don’t want to spend time looking for the ideal attire on the morning of the interview. Also, ensure you have dressed appropriately for the position you’re looking for.
  • Thoroughly research the employer’s business and get familiar with its operations: To gauge your interest in the position, the interviewer might ask questions about your business knowledge. Your understanding of the organization and its objectives shows the interviewer that you will be genuinely interested in the role.
  • Review the example interview questions and responses you may find online: Do not copy them verbatim but rather get a sense of what decent and acceptable responses sound like. If it’s your first interview, you can ask a buddy to help you practice interviews.
  • Your own CV should be the first item you read before the interview: You don’t want to sound radically different from the objectives you listed on your CV if the interviewer asks about your career goals. Read your résumé many times, consider the questions the interviewer could have based on it, and prepare responses.
  • Be ready for anything: Interviewers may pose peculiar questions merely to see how you respond. Although they might catch you by surprise or sound silly, their purpose is to reveal your true personality. The questions may also be used to gauge your inventiveness, patience, and mental clarity.
  • Eat food that digests smoothly and won’t make you feel drowsy the day of and the night before the interview: Your eating habits impact how you think, stand, and feel overall. If you feel bloated the morning of your interview, it can put you off for the rest of the day and ruin your chances.
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